In 2002 I was working a comfortable 9 to 5 government job with great health insurance and plenty of holidays and vacation time.  Heck, I even lived near the beach and went quite frequently.  But I sensed something needed to change.  Even though I worked with some great people, I hated the rat race, office politics and corporate structure and I knew I could not stay at that comfortable desk job for twenty or so more years until retirement.


What to do?


That is when I discovered the power of owning rental properties.  My wife (feeling much the same way I did) literally pulled me in from the porch to watch Robert Kiyosaki explain his Rich Dad/Poor Dad concepts.  From that moment, my wife and I were on our way to rebuilding our lives and starting anew.


We are now both full time real estate investors.  That’s right, we both quit our comfortable full-time jobs and have since built a successful real estate investment company based on the power of owning rental properties.  It was not easy.  I remember the butterflies in my stomach signing all those documents at the closing table for our first property.  But I definitely wanted what real estate had to offer and I knew I could (had to) do it.  And you know what, you can too!


I can’t say that the past ten years were all easy and that there were not mistakes.  But you can learn from my mistakes.  I want to teach you to become a successful real estate investor, to get out of the rat race and truly build wealth. I have always had the heart of a teacher, it is something that I truly enjoy.  That is what Smarter Landlording is all about.  Smarter Landlording is dedicated to helping you discover the power of real estate and becoming the investor I know you can be!

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