9 Out-of-the-Box Questions & Tactics Multi-Family Investors Should Consider Using

Apartment Building

9 Out-of-the-Box Questions and Tactics Multi-Family Investors Should Consider Using By Richard Montgomery      www.DearMonty.com Summary: Investing in multi-family housing and apartments requires extra investigation, sometimes called due diligence by attorneys. This extra investigation and these questions are beyond what a real estate investor may do normally for a typical commercial real estate investment. As a real estate investor, once you go beyond multi-family rentals such as duplexes or fourplexes, you enter the commercial real estate area.   Here are 9 out-of-the-box questions you should be asking,…

The Boom Is Here!

First Time Foreclosures

  The real estate boom that is.   How do I know?   The stats tell me. Check out these two. First time foreclosure starts are at their lowest point since the year 2000. Not 2008 when things crashed, but 2000! Lower than they were during the last boom. New home sales are at their highest point in 8 ½ years. Add the following to the above: The stock market continues to climb ever higher. The Federal Reserve is keeping interest rates very low. Adjustable…

Inheriting Tenants? Protect Yourself

Apartment Building

When you buy an investment property, sometimes it will come with tenants already in place. These tenants can be a good thing as your new purchase will be immediately generating income. But, these tenants can also be a bad thing because you really have no idea how they were screened, how they have been as tenants or even what the details of their lease are. You can of course review existing written lease agreements, but there are landlords and tenants out there who have nothing…

The Lies Holding Us Back


One of the toughest things for a new investor is just getting started. One of the toughest things for an experienced investor is growing their business and trying new ways of doing things. It can be so hard to pull that trigger and acquire your first deal or go down a new path. Interesting thing is, our brains may actually be holding us back. It seems that our brains like to tell us little lies to discourage us. It wants to keep us safe and…

Is The Real Estate Bubble (Coming) Back?

Rents Are Up 2015 4th Quarter

Home prices are up and rents are too. Rents increased about 5% in the 4th quarter of 2015 and about 7% for the year. It is going to be interesting to see where this all ends.

Home Prices 2007 to 2015

Nov 2015 Change in Home Prices

The change in home prices 2007 to 2015. How is your neck of the woods doing?  There is a lot of “green” out there.

Some Properties Are Taxed Differently

comercial building

Are you aware that property tax rates can differ for different properties?  They can.  Here in Tennessee for example, commercial property is taxed at a higher rate than residential property.  Not knowing and understanding how these different rates apply could cause you to make a mistake during your property analysis and crimp your cash flow. To understand how these two tax rates work we have to first define some terms.  Let’s look first at what “residential” property is. Residential property as per Tennessee Code Annotated…

Growing the Positive Cashflow Money Tree

The Cash Flow Money Tree

Positive cashflow is the key to becoming a successful, smarter landlord.  Without positive cashflow, your time as a landlord is limited. Smarter landlords are always looking for ways to grow the cashflow money tree. Here is how you can grow yours. Reducing Your Expenses – There are all kinds of expenses associated with rental properties including utilities, maintenance, and upkeep.  The trick is to save while not skimping on necessary maintenance.  Some tricks include using the same brands and materials in all of your rentals. …

What Happens Without Positive Cash Flow?

Money will fly away w/o positive cash flow!

Positive cash flow is king.  If a property does not produce positive cash flow, then don’t even think about it.  Without positive cash flow, you are doomed to failure.  Eventually, the bills and the expenses will mount up and you will be writing a check every month just to keep the property afloat.  A lot of people cannot do that.  They have or will run out of money. What happens then? Repairs stop being made.  At first it is little things.  Apartments are not repainted. …

100% Occupied May Not Be What It Seems

100% may not be all it seems to be!

100% occupied.  Sounds great right?  That is just what we want to hear when we are looking to purchase a multi-family building to add to our portfolio.  However, not everything is always as it seems. Trying to sell a building is easier if you can tell perspective buyers that the building is 100% occupied.  The buyer thinks that there will be less work involved in taking over the building when the sale closes.  They will not have to advertise, they will not have to do…

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