9 Out-of-the-Box Questions & Tactics Multi-Family Investors Should Consider Using

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9 Out-of-the-Box Questions and Tactics Multi-Family Investors Should Consider Using By Richard Montgomery      www.DearMonty.com Summary: Investing in multi-family housing and apartments requires extra investigation, sometimes called due diligence by attorneys. This extra investigation and these questions are beyond what a real estate investor may do normally for a typical commercial real estate investment. As a real estate investor, once you go beyond multi-family rentals such as duplexes or fourplexes, you enter the commercial real estate area.   Here are 9 out-of-the-box questions you should be asking,…

The Best and Worst Cities for Renters


What are the best and worst cities for renters? Well, WalletHub set out to answer that question by looking at criteria such as affordability and quality of life. I’m always a bit dubious about these things but people do read them. So we as landlords should be at least a little bit familiar about how others see the markets we work in. Looks like Memphis took a hit due to quality of life issues such as crime. But at least we score high in affordability. …

Just Graduated? Where Should You Move?

Group of young people having fun together at home.

Trulia recently published a study that tried to answer the question: Where is the best place for a recent college grad to move? In this study they developed something they call the Graduate Opportunity Index. This index looked at 40 major cities across the United States and ranked them based upon the number of jobs available to recent college grads, rental housing affordability and the number of millennials living in that city with a college degree. How did your city rank? Check out the study…

The Best (or Worst) Landlord Laws?

Welcome To Arkansas

I have always said that smarter landlords have to be very familiar with their state and local landlord laws as they can vary widely from place to place. As an example, check out this article about the landlord laws in Arkansas. It is amazing that someplace just over five miles away can be so radically different from what we deal with here in Tennessee. Give it a read. I think some of you in more restrictive parts of the country will be fascinated.   Rent…

The Boom Is Here!

First Time Foreclosures

  The real estate boom that is.   How do I know?   The stats tell me. Check out these two. First time foreclosure starts are at their lowest point since the year 2000. Not 2008 when things crashed, but 2000! Lower than they were during the last boom. New home sales are at their highest point in 8 ½ years. Add the following to the above: The stock market continues to climb ever higher. The Federal Reserve is keeping interest rates very low. Adjustable…

What the Kitchen Faucet Taught Me About How to Keep Great Tenants


What the kitchen faucet taught me about how to keep great tenants By John Triplett, NationalREIA That late-night maintenance call I got a call last night from Jake – We will call him Jake for purposes of this blog – who handles the majority of the maintenance on my rental properties. My property manager usually just asks Jake to call me when a tenant reports a problem that involves a repair. I often cringe when Jake calls because I know there is always a cost…

How Much Space Does $1,500 Get You?

How Much Will $1,500 Buy?

How much square footage does $1,500 of rent get you in America’s largest cities? It’s pretty good if you live in Memphis, but what about other cities? Check out this interesting post from Rentcafe to find out and compare.

What Is A No Fault Eviction?

Lease Agreement

The term “No Fault Eviction” has become a rather hot term in the headlines lately. Teachers in San Francisco want protection from them. Across the Country in Boston tenant groups are asking the city to stop landlords from using them. But what is a “No Fault Eviction?” How do they work? And why are people suddenly getting so upset about them? A so called “No Fault Eviction” is an eviction where the tenant is evicted through no fault of their own. They paid their rent…

Inheriting Tenants? Protect Yourself

Apartment Building

When you buy an investment property, sometimes it will come with tenants already in place. These tenants can be a good thing as your new purchase will be immediately generating income. But, these tenants can also be a bad thing because you really have no idea how they were screened, how they have been as tenants or even what the details of their lease are. You can of course review existing written lease agreements, but there are landlords and tenants out there who have nothing…

7 Things Bad Landlords Don’t Do

Bad Landlord

Being a landlord is a tough and varied job. It requires the wearing of many different hats. A landlord has to be an accountant, a contractor, a guidance counselor and much, much more in order to be successful. Most landlords do a pretty good job at juggling all of these responsibilities. Unfortunately, there are a few bad landlords out that that make this already tough job even more difficult. These bad landlords get the courts involved in our business. They get code enforcement involved in…

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