9 Out-of-the-Box Questions & Tactics Multi-Family Investors Should Consider Using

Apartment Building

9 Out-of-the-Box Questions and Tactics Multi-Family Investors Should Consider Using By Richard Montgomery      www.DearMonty.com Summary: Investing in multi-family housing and apartments requires extra investigation, sometimes called due diligence by attorneys. This extra investigation and these questions are beyond what a real estate investor may do normally for a typical commercial real estate investment. As a real estate investor, once you go beyond multi-family rentals such as duplexes or fourplexes, you enter the commercial real estate area.   Here are 9 out-of-the-box questions you should be asking,…

The Boom Is Here!

First Time Foreclosures

  The real estate boom that is.   How do I know?   The stats tell me. Check out these two. First time foreclosure starts are at their lowest point since the year 2000. Not 2008 when things crashed, but 2000! Lower than they were during the last boom. New home sales are at their highest point in 8 ½ years. Add the following to the above: The stock market continues to climb ever higher. The Federal Reserve is keeping interest rates very low. Adjustable…

Inheriting Tenants? Protect Yourself

Apartment Building

When you buy an investment property, sometimes it will come with tenants already in place. These tenants can be a good thing as your new purchase will be immediately generating income. But, these tenants can also be a bad thing because you really have no idea how they were screened, how they have been as tenants or even what the details of their lease are. You can of course review existing written lease agreements, but there are landlords and tenants out there who have nothing…

Podcast – Investing In Multi-Family Properties with me, Kevin Perk


I recently did a podcast with Curt Davis over at Investor Talk Radio on investing in multi-family properties. In the podcast Curt and I discuss several aspects of investing in multi-family properties, including how to get started, financing them, the risks and rewards and much, much more. Give it a listen here.

Looking For A Property? Deal With The Owner.


How do you find the properties you buy? That is a question that I get asked all the time. The answer is something along the lines of “all kinds of different ways.” I have found properties by responding to ads in the paper, from the MLS, from wholesalers, like I said, all kinds of ways. The best deals I have found however have come from a source you might not think of, that is the owner of the property. If I can get in touch…

Is The Real Estate Bubble (Coming) Back?

Rents Are Up 2015 4th Quarter

Home prices are up and rents are too. Rents increased about 5% in the 4th quarter of 2015 and about 7% for the year. It is going to be interesting to see where this all ends.

Home Prices Continue To Rise

House Prices Are Up!

The boom is on, but let’s not forget the bust of 2007/2008. It will happen again. According to EconomicPolicyJournal.com, “The S&P/Case Shiller composite index of 20 metropolitan areas rose 5.8 percent in November on a year-over-year basis. This is the strongest price gain in 16 months. Home prices in three U.S. cities, Dallas, Denver and Portland, Oregon, are now at record levels, the survey showed. San Francisco matched its previous peak and Charlotte, North Carolina, is less than 1 percent from its record high. Home…

Home Prices 2007 to 2015

Nov 2015 Change in Home Prices

The change in home prices 2007 to 2015. How is your neck of the woods doing?  There is a lot of “green” out there.

Have Home Prices Rebounded In Your Area?

Change In Home Prices

Have home prices rebounded in your area? Check out these maps and graphics from the New York Federal Reserve. I can say that here in Memphis, TN prices seem to have ticked up a bit, especially in the parts of town I deal in. It also seems to me that there are fewer deals out there and more people chasing them. Are the boom times coming back? How are things in your part of the country? Are prices up? Deals harder to come by? Please…

The Smarter Landlording Podcast – Episode 6 – Real Estate Titles and Closings What Investors Needs to Know

Podcast Microphone

The SmarterLandlording Podcast – Episode 6 – Real Estate Titles and Closings What Investors Needs to Know With Joe Kirkland of Tri-State Title and Escrow                     Links We Mentioned MemphisInvestorsGroup.com – Stop by on the 2nd Thursday of every month for informative real estate presentation and networking opportunities. Tri State Title and Escrow – Need a real estate attorney in the Memphis area? Give Joe a call today! Shelby County Register – Do your own title…

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