Don’t Yell At Your Tenants – Even If They Deserve It

Yelling at tenants

Ever get really angry with a tenant? I have. I have been so mad that I just want to yell, scream or even worse! However, if I let those emotions get the better of me (and I have), it usually does not end up well. Yelling at your tenants and making them mad at you is never a smart thing to do. Yes it will feel good yelling “Just pay the rent!” or “Why did you paint the walls black!” but you need to stop…

My Tenant Called the Cops on Me

Police Car

Landlords often hold the mistaken notion that they are the “lords” of their properties.  In many ways they are the lord, but in some very fundamental ways they are not.   Once a lease is signed with a tenant they gain certain rights and acting like a lord may just get the cops called on you. Here is why.   Your lease grant the tenant legal possession of your property.  Your property is now their home and their home is their castle so to speak.   So…

Newbie Fails

Head in Hands

Remember how I spoke about feeling like a newbie?  Well, it didn’t end there. In fact, I’m constantly reminding myself that I’m an amateur. In an effort to encourage those of us who are completely green to real estate investing, I’ve shared a few of my most humbling mistakes below. Hopefully, you will be able to avoid some of these same pitfalls. Please share some of your novice blunders too!   I learned pretty early that easy work can be made hard if you don’t…

Landlords, Don’t Do This!


Landlords, don’t do this.  Not even for $17,900. 

Landlords – Don’t Do This!

camera eye

Landlords – Don’t do this!

Landlords – Don’t Do This!

Don't Do This

This is not how you should collect back rent! “Newport Police charged a 35-year-old Newport woman and landlord with felony breaking and entering, forgery and receiving stolen goods for allegedly writing herself checks from a tenant’s account.” You can read the rest here.

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