Looking At Properties? Take These Tools

Tools of the Trade

You’ve read the books. You’ve found the blogs You’ve networked with investors. You’re ready to jump in! There are a few things that you absolutely have to have before purchasing an investment property. These tools will be a resource to you as you analyze potential deals. Keep them in your car because you never know which corner opportunity happens to be hiding behind. Camera (or phone with a camera and flash). As you look through properties, keep them organized by first taking a picture of…

Finding the Real Estate Deals

A Real Estate Deal

There are many ways that real estate investors go about finding their next acquisition.  Driving for dollars is one way while sending targeted letters or buying from wholesalers are others.  I myself have used these techniques and more.  In today’s market however I find the source that works the best for me is the good old realtor Multiple Listing System or MLS. If you are unfamiliar with the MLS, it is the database that realtors use to list all of the properties that they have…

What to Watch to Know Your Market

looking (640x480)

Last time I wrote about the importance of knowing your market.  You never want to go out and just buy an investment property for the sake of buying a property.  Rather, you want to make a calculated investment decision.  And in order to do that, you need to know your market.  But what exactly does that mean “know your market?”  What should you be watching? Here are four items that I watch almost every day. What is the Rent? – What are properties in your…

Know Your Market

Know Your Market

As a Smarter Landlord, you should be very in tune with the market where you invest.  Remember, you are a real estate investor buying investment properties and the value of an investment property is based solely upon the income it can generate. To a landlord that means you really only need to know one thing when looking to buy a property, what will the property generate in rent.  Once you are reasonably certain about the rental income, everything else will fall into place. I have…

Finding and Making the Real Estate Deal


Check out my latest podcast where Jo Garner, Richard Scarbrough and myself discuss finding and making the real estate deal. Real estate deals do not just fall into our laps, they are found and made.  Listen as we discuss the best sources for finding deals and then some techniques and tips we have to make the deal work.  Originally aired on WREC AM 600 on April 7, 2012.  

Pick A Place To Farm

Happy Farmers

No, I’m not talking about for growing corn, but for growing your real estate investments.  If you want to be a successful and smarter real estate investor, you should find a particular area and farm it for real estate deals.  It just makes good real estate investing sense.  Just as you would not try to scatter your corn crop all over the country or your particular city, you should not scatter your real estate investments all over the country or even all over your particular…

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