Podcast – Investing In Multi-Family Properties with me, Kevin Perk


I recently did a podcast with Curt Davis over at Investor Talk Radio on investing in multi-family properties. In the podcast Curt and I discuss several aspects of investing in multi-family properties, including how to get started, financing them, the risks and rewards and much, much more. Give it a listen here.

The Lies Holding Us Back


One of the toughest things for a new investor is just getting started. One of the toughest things for an experienced investor is growing their business and trying new ways of doing things. It can be so hard to pull that trigger and acquire your first deal or go down a new path. Interesting thing is, our brains may actually be holding us back. It seems that our brains like to tell us little lies to discourage us. It wants to keep us safe and…

Top 5 Posts of 2015


Here are the top 5 Smarterlandlording posts for 2015 as determined by the number of clicks. 5 – Tenant Selection Criteria – What To Use 4 – Do Not Disturb (The Tenants) 3 – When Tenants Overstay Their Lease 2 – Hiring Contractors on Craigslist And drum roll please…….. 1 – The One Clause Every Lease in Tennessee Should Have Thanks for reading in 2015. Looking forward to a great 2016.

A Quick Guide For The New Landlord

Get It In Writing

If you are thinking about buying your first rental property, or perhaps you have somehow ended up with a property and have become a landlord by default, there are a few things you should do to ensure your transition to landlord goes as smooth as possible. Here is a quick guide of 8 essential steps every new landlord should take. Develop a Solid Lease – Don’t just buy a generic form from Office Depot of cobble one together from the internet. Pay a lawyer to…

It’s Easy To Incorporate (At Least In Tennessee)

Starting an LLC from your Computer

I recently decided to incorporate a new business venture, so I formed a new limited liability company (LLC).  I have written before on whether or not you should incorporate.  Generally, I feel that incorporating is beneficial only after your landlording business grows and increases in complexity.  That said, I wanted to share with you my recent experience in setting up an LLC here in Tennessee. It has been over ten years since I last formed an LLC.  As I recall at that time there was…

The Biggest Obstacle to New Investors – It’s Not What You Think

THe Biggest Obstacle

I spent 2 years researching real estate and speaking with investors before I jumped in. I saved vigorously because I was convinced that capital would be the biggest challenge to my real estate goals. While capital is still a challenge, I’m not sure that I would call it my biggest challenge. The biggest challenge to part-time investing is working full-time. Luckily, I have a job that gives me almost constant access to the internet—not to mention an incredibly flexible schedule. However, those perks come with…

How to Reduce Your Expenses


How often do you hear, “I’m broke,” from people who have reasonable jobs, wear good clothes, and drive amazing cars? It drives me crazy. When having one of these discussions, I learned that the complainer and his 4-person family ate out 5 nights a week! When you save for deliberate purchases, you’re happier about where your money is going. Learning how to save and how to reduce your expenses are two fundamental skills that lead to financial security and freedom. Here are a few things…

How I Got On the Real Estate Path

Geting on the Real Estate Path

When I speak with high school kids about getting a part-time job, I give them all the same advice: find a job waiting tables. The restaurant industry is like a career boot camp. The skills needed to wait tables are integral to every field and transferable to any dream. Restaurant servers have to be experts at customer service, relationship building, time management, multitasking, delegating, and so much more. That’s where my story starts. I was 17 years old waiting tables with a fire in my…

How to Save Money for Future Investing

How to Save For Future Investing

Training yourself to build a consistent savings will eliminate so much stress and uncertainty in life. You will be adequately prepared to deal with unpredictable expenses and you will be positioned to make serious real estate investments in your future. So, why do we make excuses? I’ve copied down a few of the tactics and tricks that helped me develop consistent savings. Savings coupled with reducing your expenses are the keys to financial flexibility.  I’ll discuss reducing expenses next time. 1. Increase the Inconvenience Using…

Why I Became A Real Estate Investor

Why Real Estate?

I have always rented: rooms, apartments, town houses, single family homes—the works.   My parents have always rented too.   They worked hard to provide for me, but I wish they had worked smarter. Working smart is having assets that work for you. Unless you have revenue generating assets, your income will always depend on the hours you punch on a time clock.   Building wealth and financial stability is about diversifying your revenue streams.   Diversification will provide you with an additional level of stability in…

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