The Best and Worst Cities for Renters


What are the best and worst cities for renters? Well, WalletHub set out to answer that question by looking at criteria such as affordability and quality of life. I’m always a bit dubious about these things but people do read them. So we as landlords should be at least a little bit familiar about how others see the markets we work in. Looks like Memphis took a hit due to quality of life issues such as crime. But at least we score high in affordability. …

Just Graduated? Where Should You Move?

Group of young people having fun together at home.

Trulia recently published a study that tried to answer the question: Where is the best place for a recent college grad to move? In this study they developed something they call the Graduate Opportunity Index. This index looked at 40 major cities across the United States and ranked them based upon the number of jobs available to recent college grads, rental housing affordability and the number of millennials living in that city with a college degree. How did your city rank? Check out the study…

The Best (or Worst) Landlord Laws?

Welcome To Arkansas

I have always said that smarter landlords have to be very familiar with their state and local landlord laws as they can vary widely from place to place. As an example, check out this article about the landlord laws in Arkansas. It is amazing that someplace just over five miles away can be so radically different from what we deal with here in Tennessee. Give it a read. I think some of you in more restrictive parts of the country will be fascinated.   Rent…

The Boom Is Here!

First Time Foreclosures

  The real estate boom that is.   How do I know?   The stats tell me. Check out these two. First time foreclosure starts are at their lowest point since the year 2000. Not 2008 when things crashed, but 2000! Lower than they were during the last boom. New home sales are at their highest point in 8 ½ years. Add the following to the above: The stock market continues to climb ever higher. The Federal Reserve is keeping interest rates very low. Adjustable…

How Much Space Does $1,500 Get You?

How Much Will $1,500 Buy?

How much square footage does $1,500 of rent get you in America’s largest cities? It’s pretty good if you live in Memphis, but what about other cities? Check out this interesting post from Rentcafe to find out and compare.

Do You Now Have To Rent To Felons?


HUD recently announced some new guidelines that have been causing quite a stir in the landlording world.   You might think the stir was all caused by the catchy title, “Guidance on Application of Fair Housing Standards to the Use of Criminal Records by Providers of Housing and Real Estate Related Transactions.”  Instead the stir was caused by the misconception that HUD was telling landlords they could no longer discriminate against those with felony convictions. That those with murder, rape or child pornography convictions could no…

Voting For Trump? Don’t Bother Applying!


Voting For Trump?  Don’t Bother Applying! At least that is the thoughts of one Colorado landlord.  I know politics can stir up strong feelings, but I am not so sure this was a wise move.  Perfectly legal though, as Trump voters or any other candidate’s voters for that matter) are not a protected class.  How long until we see ads like “Voting for Cruz?  Then keep on cruzing.”  Or, “Feeling the Bern?  Don’t even turn here.”  Sorry for that last one. Thoughts?

Home Prices Continue To Rise

House Prices Are Up!

The boom is on, but let’s not forget the bust of 2007/2008. It will happen again. According to, “The S&P/Case Shiller composite index of 20 metropolitan areas rose 5.8 percent in November on a year-over-year basis. This is the strongest price gain in 16 months. Home prices in three U.S. cities, Dallas, Denver and Portland, Oregon, are now at record levels, the survey showed. San Francisco matched its previous peak and Charlotte, North Carolina, is less than 1 percent from its record high. Home…

Home Prices 2007 to 2015

Nov 2015 Change in Home Prices

The change in home prices 2007 to 2015. How is your neck of the woods doing?  There is a lot of “green” out there.

Reaching The Top Again?

Case Shiller Index October 2015

According to the S & P Case Shiller composite index home prices continue to rise. The latest data show a 5.5 percent gain in prices from October 2014 to October 2015. That means that as of October 2015 home prices have returned to their 2007 levels in the 20 cities included in the index as can be seen in the chart below.               The real estate boon is and has been on again folks. Real estate is sexy again….

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