What the Kitchen Faucet Taught Me About How to Keep Great Tenants


What the kitchen faucet taught me about how to keep great tenants By John Triplett, NationalREIA That late-night maintenance call I got a call last night from Jake – We will call him Jake for purposes of this blog – who handles the majority of the maintenance on my rental properties. My property manager usually just asks Jake to call me when a tenant reports a problem that involves a repair. I often cringe when Jake calls because I know there is always a cost…

What Is A No Fault Eviction?

Lease Agreement

The term “No Fault Eviction” has become a rather hot term in the headlines lately. Teachers in San Francisco want protection from them. Across the Country in Boston tenant groups are asking the city to stop landlords from using them. But what is a “No Fault Eviction?” How do they work? And why are people suddenly getting so upset about them? A so called “No Fault Eviction” is an eviction where the tenant is evicted through no fault of their own. They paid their rent…

Inheriting Tenants? Protect Yourself

Apartment Building

When you buy an investment property, sometimes it will come with tenants already in place. These tenants can be a good thing as your new purchase will be immediately generating income. But, these tenants can also be a bad thing because you really have no idea how they were screened, how they have been as tenants or even what the details of their lease are. You can of course review existing written lease agreements, but there are landlords and tenants out there who have nothing…

7 Things Bad Landlords Don’t Do

Bad Landlord

Being a landlord is a tough and varied job. It requires the wearing of many different hats. A landlord has to be an accountant, a contractor, a guidance counselor and much, much more in order to be successful. Most landlords do a pretty good job at juggling all of these responsibilities. Unfortunately, there are a few bad landlords out that that make this already tough job even more difficult. These bad landlords get the courts involved in our business. They get code enforcement involved in…

Do You Now Have To Rent To Felons?


HUD recently announced some new guidelines that have been causing quite a stir in the landlording world.   You might think the stir was all caused by the catchy title, “Guidance on Application of Fair Housing Standards to the Use of Criminal Records by Providers of Housing and Real Estate Related Transactions.”  Instead the stir was caused by the misconception that HUD was telling landlords they could no longer discriminate against those with felony convictions. That those with murder, rape or child pornography convictions could no…

An Open Letter From A Landlord To (a few) Tenants


By Jeff Wallach Hate mail? Really? That’s what it’s come to? Despite what you think, I’m not your enemy. Yes, I own rental property that you’d like to live in, and yes, rents are high — not as high as in many cities, but certainly high for Portland, given its population of folks like you who make art and save honeybees and wish to live well in a hip metropolis full of bicycling nonprofit workers. For the record, I am also an artist, and I…

Stuff Nobody Tells You About Getting An Apartment


There is some good info in here. A good read for anyone getting ready to look for their first apartment.   STUFF NOBODY TELLS YOU ABOUT GETTING AN APARTMENT This’ll cover the basics, such as financial expectation, rental history, what to bring for the application process, etc. This information is based on renting in an apartment owned/managed by a commercial property owner in the USA. That being said, much of this can be applied to any first-time renter. FIRST PLACE?: Don’t sweat it. What’s likely…

My Tenant Said What?!?


Can what your current tenants say to potential tenants cause trouble? You bet it can. In this recent news story from New York one of an apartment owner’s tenants (who was also his son-in-law) answered the door for a prospective tenant. Upon seeing that his potential future neighbor was pregnant he allegedly said “no babies” and shut the door.   That is a big no no as familial status is a protected class. Landlords cannot discriminate against children, even unborn ones. The landlord was fined $5,000,…

Sure, I’m The Laywer

Sure, I'm His Lawyer!

Some tenants will go to almost any extreme, and even get very creative, to avoid paying rent. This one though, is a first for me. Now I have another thing to add to my eviction checklist. Make sure the paperwork is actually filed by my lawyer.

Do You Search Your Applicant’s Social Media?

Searching Social Media

Do you check your applicants on social media sites to see what they have been up too? Perhaps you should. Remember that one of the most important things you do as a landlord is find tenants who will pay, stay and take care of your property. And sometimes you need just a bit more than a criminal and work history background check to do that. Especially if a potential red flag begins to wave. Searching an applicant’s social media can help determine if those red…

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