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Just Graduated? Where Should You Move?

Group of young people having fun together at home.

Trulia recently published a study that tried to answer the question: Where is the best place for a recent college grad to move? In this study they developed something they call the Graduate Opportunity Index. This index looked at 40 major cities across the United States and ranked them based upon the number of jobs available to recent college grads, rental housing affordability and the number of millennials living in that city with a college degree. How did your city rank? Check out the study here.

Memphis unfortunately did not make either the study or the list, but perhaps it should have. I can tell you from anecdotal experience that Memphis seems to be doing a much better job of attracting these recent college grads. For one thing we are renting to a lot of recent college grads lured here from all over the country and the world. Plus, I am just meeting more and more young people who have just moved here from out of state. Much more than in the past, but maybe that’s because I am getting out more :).

What’s bringing them here?

A lot of things are actually. But top notch organizations like FedEx, St. Jude, International Paper, AutoZone, Service Master and Smith and Nephew are high on the list.

What’s more, Memphis is perhaps the most affordable city in the United States to live in when it comes to real estate. It is very hard to get more bang (or square feet and amenities) for your buck anywhere else in the country.

And how can you beat Graceland, Beale Street, The Grizzlies and so much more?

Sure we got our problems just like everyplace else. But I think Memphis has a lot going for it and the younger folks who have recently moved here, that I talk to, seem to agree.

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