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No Candles Allowed

This is why we do not allow candles in our apartments.

“An apartment tenant told firefighters that he was burning candles in his bedroom and then went to another area of his apartment. The candle was sitting on a table and caught nearby combustibles on fire.

The estimated damage to the building is about $75,000, according to the battalion chief.”

We place the restriction in our “House Rules” which is attached to, and thus a part of, the lease. 

Yeah, I know, it can be hard to police but we have to try to protect our property and tenants.

3 Responses to “No Candles Allowed”
  1. Good luck with the enforcement, or even an eviction on that lease violation.

    Better tenants are less likely to start fires…

    • Kevin says:

      I agree with what you say about enforcement and that is true with a lot of the rules in this business. But if you do not have rules to start with, you could be like a candle in the wind. :)

      As always, I appreciate you reading and your comments,


  2. MiTmite says:

    Currently I am in the process of advertising a small “cottage” unit which is attached to our 1904 Craftsman home. In the ad I let potential renters know what’s acceptable and what is not, e.g., NO CANDLES.

    As we live in an area where family and friends love to visit, but don’t want to pay the exorbitant cost of a hotel or even airbnb room, I have had to state that overnight guests are allowed only with advanced noticed, if then.

    The nasty emails I have received (Craigslist), however, are mostly in response to my stating that we are an enviro household and always recycle our kitchen scraps. We expect any tenant to do the same. You would be amazed at the vitriol this has brought out in people.

    Newsflash: composting of kitchen scraps is a huge part of being an enviro and caring about keeping the garden (and planet) organic and healthy.

    Only today did I run across one woman who lambasted me for not allowing candles. She said she burns only “coconut oil” candles—–as if their flame is not just as endangering as any other candle flame.

    As one landlord friend cautioned me years ago: “If a potential renter comes at you with demands right off the bat, just move on. You will find someone who appreciates the space you have to offer and respects your wishes.”

    If my 2.2 million dollar mostly redwood home went up like a matchstick due to some renter’s candle, who would pay to rebuild this place? Who can afford that amount of fire insurance?

    In closing, I must say that my current tenant is perfectly happy. A true treasure of a human being. The only reason he is moving is because his job takes him elsewhere. He will be missed. NO CANDLES. Period.

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