Tenant Trashed House

Why Periodic Property Inspections Are Important

This is why you, as a landlord, have to do periodic inspections of your properties. You cannot completely trust the screening process. Some people can look perfectly normal on the outside and in public, but their home life is a complete mess as the linked article demonstrates. Just because you never hear anything from a particular tenant does not mean that all is perfectly well. Most times it is, but it is best to verify. Do you think the tenant in the story above would…


The Top 6 Tenant Secrets

All of us keep secrets. We do this for a variety of reasons. Some things should in fact be kept a secret as they are personal or you may be breaking a social norm, rule or perhaps even a law.   We may also keep something secret because we feel that we will only get into more trouble by saying something, or we will be perceived as ignorant. All of this just seems to be human nature. Tenants, being human of course, are no exception. But…

Landlord Law

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