Top 25 Tenant Professions

Who is more likely to be one of your tenants? Interesting question and Ancestry.com did a study of census data stretching back to 1900 in an attempt to answer it. Dancers, waiters, bartenders and members of the armed services topped the list. While professionals and trades persons like optometrists, dentists and toolmakers were more likely to be homeowners. Here are the top 25 professions that are most likely to be tenants based on the last 112 years of data: Dancers and dancing teachers Motion picture…

Haz Mat Team

Questions on Ebola, Apartments and Landlords

I have been watching the recent news about the ebola virus just like everyone else. Amongst all of the news I noticed that the two victims here in the US lived in apartments. Now, I understand the threat that Ebola is and I also understand the need to contain it. Nonetheless, as a landlord certain questions pop into my head when I read headlines like the following: “Ebola decontamination begins at Dallas apartment of 2nd hospital worker” Questions like: Who pays for this hazmat cleanup?…

Landlord Law

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