Stuff Nobody Tells You About Getting An Apartment

There is some good info in here. A good read for anyone getting ready to look for their first apartment.   STUFF NOBODY TELLS YOU ABOUT GETTING AN APARTMENT This’ll cover the basics, such as financial expectation, rental history, what to bring for the application process, etc. This information is based on renting in an apartment owned/managed by a commercial property owner in the USA. That being said, much of this can be applied to any first-time renter. FIRST PLACE?: Don’t sweat it. What’s likely…


My Tenant Said What?!?

Can what your current tenants say to potential tenants cause trouble? You bet it can. In this recent news story from New York one of an apartment owner’s tenants (who was also his son-in-law) answered the door for a prospective tenant. Upon seeing that his potential future neighbor was pregnant he allegedly said “no babies” and shut the door.   That is a big no no as familial status is a protected class. Landlords cannot discriminate against children, even unborn ones. The landlord was fined $5,000,…

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Questions on Ebola, Apartments and Landlords

I have been watching the recent news about the ebola virus just like everyone else. Amongst all of the news I noticed that the two victims here in the US lived in apartments. Now, I understand the threat that Ebola is and I also understand the need to contain it. Nonetheless, as a landlord certain questions pop into my head when I read headlines like the following: “Ebola decontamination begins at Dallas apartment of 2nd hospital worker” Questions like: Who pays for this hazmat cleanup?…


If They Legalize It Do I Have To Allow It?

Social norms regarding the use of marijuana are rapidly changing.  Legalization would have been considered impossible just a few years ago, but it is now occurring to varying degrees all over the country.  To us landlords it brings up an interesting question; if pot is legalized do we have to allow people to use it in our properties? The answer to that is no. There are lots of things that are legal to do and or own that we do not have to allow, such…

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