Sure, I'm His Lawyer!

Sure, I’m The Laywer

Some tenants will go to almost any extreme, and even get very creative, to avoid paying rent. This one though, is a first for me. Now I have another thing to add to my eviction checklist. Make sure the paperwork is actually filed by my lawyer.

Searching Social Media

Do You Search Your Applicant’s Social Media?

Do you check your applicants on social media sites to see what they have been up too? Perhaps you should. Remember that one of the most important things you do as a landlord is find tenants who will pay, stay and take care of your property. And sometimes you need just a bit more than a criminal and work history background check to do that. Especially if a potential red flag begins to wave. Searching an applicant’s social media can help determine if those red…

Landlord Law

Podcast Microphone

The SmarterLandlording Podcast – Episode #3 – The Eviction Attorney

The SmarterLandlording Podcast – Episode 3 – The Eviction Attorney: An Interview with John “Bucky” Philip on Leases, Tenants and Evictions “This is certainly in the landlord’s interest.”                     Need to do an Eviction?  Here is Bucky’s Contact Information John Philip Crislip, Philip & Associates 4515 Poplar Avenue, Suite 322 Memphis, TN 38117 901-201-5078 800-335-9613 Bucky’s Website – http://www.crislipphilip.com/ Links and Forms We Mentioned Tennessee Uniform Residential Landlord and Tenant Act – Click through and then…

Police Car

My Tenant Called the Cops on Me

Landlords often hold the mistaken notion that they are the “lords” of their properties.  In many ways they are the lord, but in some very fundamental ways they are not.   Once a lease is signed with a tenant they gain certain rights and acting like a lord may just get the cops called on you. Here is why.   Your lease grant the tenant legal possession of your property.  Your property is now their home and their home is their castle so to speak.   So…


Zoning Ruins a Landlord’s Day

As a former planning director and chief code enforcement officer, I would like to stress to you other landlords out there that you have to be aware of and follow your local zoning laws and building codes.  If you ignore them, like this guy did, the powers that be can and will bring down the heavy hand of government.  Zoning regulates what you can do with your land, such as build or add on an apartment or construct an office building or have a home…

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