After a Fire: Leases and Tenants

I have been writing about a major fire I recently had at one of my properties. I wrote about the initial shock and finding out the day after that my property was a complete loss and in need of a complete rehab. Most thoughts that next day were focused on getting the property rebuilt and up and running again. But there were tenants that had to be dealt with, and the fire had raised some interesting legal issues. We had of course signed leases with…


The Day After The Fire, What’s A Landlord To Do?

I had a major fire at one of my properties back in late 2014. I wrote about the first evening after getting the call here. In this post I want to talk a little about the day after. The day after.   The first chance I would have to see the extent of the damage.   I had been to the property the night before, right after the fire, but it was dark, the utilities had been shut off and there simply was a lot of commotion…

Landlord Law


Zillow Stirs Up The Pot

While surfing through the headlines I came upon a blog post on Zillow.com titled, Landlords, Test Your Rental IQ.  The post described a survey that purported to show that half of landlords and over half of renters did not understand basic landlord/tenant laws.  For example, here are some of the survey’s supposed findings. 82% or renters / 76% of landlords lack understanding of laws concerning security deposits, credit, and background checks. 77% of renters / 69% of landlords lack understanding of privacy and access rights….

For Rent

Is Your Rent Increase Legal?

Rents seem to be on the rise in most areas of the country right now.  Some are predicting this trend to continue for a few more years.  As landlords we obviously want to maximize our rental income to increase our cash flow and increase the value of our real estate holdings. But you can’t just go and increase rents across the board at any time.  There are certain steps and rules one must follow for it to be legal. First, you have to remember that…

Where the landlord laws are made.

Landlords – They Are Changing The Laws

I have written about this topic before but it is important so I will say it again. Landlords need to keep up with what their state legislatures are doing.  Most landlord/tenant laws are written at the state level.  So it is important to keep up with what is going on in your state capital. Every year they try to change the state laws that outline how you run your business.  For example, many state laws dictate: If you can charge a late fee How much…

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