Can I Make My Tentnat Move?

Can A Landlord Make A Tenant Move For Any Reason?

Non-payment of rent is just one of many reasons a landlord may want their tenant to move out. Perhaps they want to upgrade the property.   Perhaps they want to sell the property. Or perhaps they just do not like the tenant and the drama they bring to your business. So, if you fall into one of these categories, can you as a landlord make a tenant to move for any reason at all, whatever it might be? It’s a good question, one that you should…

Landlord Law

Do Not Enter Danger!

Do Not Enter – Respect Your Tenant’s Home

It can be difficult to find good tenants.  It takes time to show your property, take applications and screen out the bad guys.  Then there is the lease signing and move in processes.  After going through all of that, you want to keep the good tenants for a while right?  Of course you do. So don’t do things that will drive them away such as not respecting their privacy. Once you find a good tenant, sign a lease and let them move in to your…

Tennessee Rules!

The One Clause Every Lease in Tennessee Should Have

If you invest in the great State of Tennessee like I do, there is a clause that you should be sure that you have in your lease.  I say “should have” because it is not required.  But if you put this one clause in your lease, you will save yourself some time and hassle down the road. Tennessee Code Annotated (T.C.A.) 66-28-201(c) states in part that: Rent shall be payable without demand at the time and place agreed upon by the parties. Notice is specifically…


Why I Dread January

I dread January.  Not just because it is cold but also because I have to start thinking about income taxes and our state legislature comes back into session.  Every year you can be guaranteed that someone in the legislature will propose a bill that will make it harder for me to be a landlord.  A bill I will have to oppose.  This year is no different.   This year it is HB 2227.  If you are an investor in Tennessee, you should be concerned about…

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