Millennials – Our Future Tenants

Millennials, those born between 1980 and 2000 are coming of age and about to move into your apartment or buy your house. Do you wonder what they are like, how they communicate and what is important to them? You should. For one thing, this group is huge, larger than the baby boomers, and they will soon dominate the market place. Smarterlandlords understand these changing demographics and look for ways to tune their business to be more receptive to this sizable generation. This infographic is a…

Yelling at tenants

Don’t Yell At Your Tenants – Even If They Deserve It

Ever get really angry with a tenant? I have. I have been so mad that I just want to yell, scream or even worse! However, if I let those emotions get the better of me (and I have), it usually does not end up well. Yelling at your tenants and making them mad at you is never a smart thing to do. Yes it will feel good yelling “Just pay the rent!” or “Why did you paint the walls black!” but you need to stop…

Landlord Law

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