Fire! What A Landlord Should Do Immediately After One

Late in 2014 I got the call all of us landlords dread. There had been a major fire at one of my properties. In the instant after you get that call your head is filled with a thousand questions. Is everyone OK? What happened? What started it? Whose fault was it? How bad is it? Of course you cannot answer any of those questions until you get to the property. I hopped in my truck and headed right over. I just knew it was bad…


Familial Status and Quiet Enjoyment

This article directed towards tenants with children should be interesting to landlords for a couple of reasons. First, it provides a pretty nice overview of how otherwise well meaning landlords can end up running afoul of fair housing laws when dealing with children. Landlords need to always remember that familial status is a federally protected class. So what does that mean? It means you cannot deny an applicant a property because they have children. Most landlords get this one. But it also means that you…

Landlord Law

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