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The SmarterLandlording Podcast – Episode #3 – The Eviction Attorney

The SmarterLandlording Podcast – Episode 3 – The Eviction Attorney: An Interview with John “Bucky” Philip on Leases, Tenants and Evictions

“This is certainly in the landlord’s interest.”











Need to do an Eviction?  Here is Bucky’s Contact Information

John Philip

Crislip, Philip & Associates

4515 Poplar Avenue, Suite 322

Memphis, TN 38117



Bucky’s Website –

Links and Forms We Mentioned

Tennessee Uniform Residential Landlord and Tenant Act – Click through and then on property.

Release of Rights of Possession Form

Check out all the podcasts at iTunes on the Smarter Landlording Channel. 

Like the Intro Music?  Check out my good friends in the band Kitchens and Bathrooms (Kind of fits right!).  They write and play some awesome, original music from right here in Memphis, TN.

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