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Zoning Ruins a Landlord’s Day

As a former planning director and chief code enforcement officer, I would like to stress to you other landlords out there that you have to be aware of and follow your local zoning laws and building codes.  If you ignore them, like this guy did, the powers that be can and will bring down the heavy hand of government.  Zoning regulates what you can do with your land, such as build or add on an apartment or construct an office building or have a home based business. 

So please do not try to add units in that garage or attic space without first checking with your local building department.  If you get caught, all of that money you spent adding the illegal unit will be for nothing.  Plus, fines for compliance can be stiff and think about all of those lawyer fees that you will rack up.   

Zoning can be very complicated, so if you are unsure, ask.

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  1. Arnold dormer says:

    That is so correct!!!

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